About me

I am Roxane Ikpen


Born and raised in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) with a Suriname & Nigerian ethnicity.


I'm a self-taught artist, that is very resourceful.

Who has been drawing and painting since childhood.


Because of my curiosity for art, i'm open to new findings. That gives me inspiration from almost anywhere.


My inspiration comes from my best look at the world, from my many travel to:

Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America.

Basically of everything that happens around me.


Because I never stopped practicing and always look how I can get my craft better, that's how I developed my drawing and painting skills.


I want to continue, to develop absolutely beyond me and start looking for new insights and techniques.

My goal

My goal is to inspire people with my work, excite and motivate to think, but also do something. This applies to all ages.